Sensory friendly t-shirt on autistic 5 year old girl
Sensory shirt in sensory play gym
Autistic boy in sensory friendly t-shirt
No tag, flat seam shirt
Back of sensory friendly no tag shirt
Sensory Friendly T-shirt
Sensory friendly t-shirt on autistic 5 year old girl
Sensory shirt in sensory play gym
Autistic boy in sensory friendly t-shirt
No tag, flat seam shirt
Back of sensory friendly no tag shirt
Sensory Friendly T-shirt

Sensory Friendly T-shirt

Tag free and made with flat seams!

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Features no tags and flat seams!

It's super soft and light feel mades it the perfect tee for every occasion. 

Want it with adjustable compression? Click here!

Sensory Friendly T-Shirt

Inspiration Behind the Sensory Friendly T-Shirt

The idea for the Sensory Friendly T-Shirt was born from heartfelt conversations with parents who understood the daily challenges their children faced. Many children have a strong aversion to clothing with tags, which can lead to morning battles, meltdowns, and frustration for both kids and parents. The Sensory-Friendly T-Shirt was designed to address this common struggle.

Parents shared stories of cutting out tags, only to leave sharp edges or accidentally damaging the shirts in the process. Furthermore, they often lost track of important size and brand information due to tag removal. This frustration led to the creation of the Sensory Friendly T-shirt that children could comfortably wear every day without the hassle of tags or sensory discomfort.

The Design

The design of the Sensory Friendly T-Shirt is all about comfort. Every seam and finish has been carefully considered to ensure they are flat both inside and out. This means there are no seams rubbing against the skin, preventing any sensory irritation. Even the collar is designed for comfort, with a clean finish that eliminates any protrusions or rough edges.

The colorful and fun design of this T-shirt was created with the aim of allowing kids to express themselves. The designers wanted to upgrade the basic T-shirt, making it more exciting and appealing. But it was vital to ensure that all these design elements were achieved with flat seams, avoiding any additional bulk inside the shirt.

When to Wear

The Sensory Friendly T-Shirt is perfect for the warmer months, but it's versatile enough to be layered with sweatshirts and jackets during the colder seasons. Its intended purpose, however, is to be an everyday, anytime t-shirt that works well for all occasions, making getting dressed in the morning easy, regardless of where the day takes your child.

Why is a Sensory Friendly T-Shirt Important?

For neurodiverse children, sensory issues can make clothing a source of intense discomfort and even pain. While many of us might occasionally feel annoyed by a clothing tag, for these children, it's far more than a minor irritation. The sensation of a tag can be excruciating, making it impossible to focus on anything else.

These kids aren't being difficult or picky about their clothing. They're experiencing genuine physical discomfort. Imagine trying to go about your day while wearing something that feels like a constant source of pain. This kind of discomfort can make even the simplest tasks, like going to school or learning, an unbearable challenge.

Seams can pose a similar problem. While many people don't even notice the seams in their clothing, neurodiverse individuals with heightened sensory sensitivities can feel every little imperfection. A slight seam rubbing against the skin with every movement or shift of the shirt can be incredibly distracting and even overstimulating.

The Sensory Friendly T-Shirt was designed with all these considerations in mind. Its tagless design and flat seams are specifically intended to eliminate discomfort for neurodiverse children, which allows them to be more comfortable and focused throughout the day. Whether it's for school, play, or any other occasion, the Sensory Friendly T-Shirt is there to make life a little easier and a lot more comfortable for neurodiverse children and their families.

Made out of 100% Cotton Jersey

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