Questions about our sensory clothing, how they can help your autistic child, what is sensory processing disorder, and more!

A lot of neurodivergent people experience the sensory world around us differently. This can affect all eight senses (interoception, proprioception, vision, smell, hearing, tactile, taste, and vestibular). They could be overly sensitive (hypersensitive) or under sensitive (hyposensitive) within these systems.

Everyone has unique sensory needs, but we work to make our designs universally sensory-friendly by hitting a few essential basics: 

  • NO tags
  • Flat seams and finishes 
  • Soft knit fabrics
  • Comfortable closures.


We know a lot of kids are heading into adult sizes sooner and that autistic adults need these clothes too. We currently have our sound reducing sensory hoodie in adult sizes and hope to be able to expand more in the future.

Our size guides are on each product page, linked next to "size".

The measurements given are of the garment not your child. Because one size can fit different body shapes and sizes.

If you have questions or can't find them, please reach out.


Your child will LOVE our compression shirt because of the sensory input it gives them. It helps provide the calming proprioceptive sensory input their bodies are craving. It is adjustable so that it will work seamlessly into any sensory diet!

Another great option are our joggers with a magnetic closure pocket that doubles as a built-in fidget!


Your child probably hates tags, the feeling of bulky seams, rough materials, and anything uncomfortable as they move. All of our clothes are tag-free, have soft elastic waistbands, and soft knit materials so they can move freely and comfortably. They are also lightweight and breathable, so your child won't get too hot even when playing.

Shop any styles labeled "sensory friendly" to get clothes that are comfortable without added sensory tools!

They may also love our sound-reducing hoodie with an optional eye mask for when noise and lights are too much and their environment is too overstimulating. It helps provide the sensory break no matter where they are!

Send us an email at julia.deney@shopsenseationalyou.com.

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