Sense-ational You is here to make the fashion industry more inclusive because every child is unique and should be celebrated.

Clothing helps children to discover and express who they are as individuals. Sense-ational You takes this one step further by going beyond meeting the aesthetic and expressive needs of these children and meets their functional needs as well.

See what they’re saying:

Stimuli-reducing Hoodie

Fashion offers a unique opportunity to provide children with disabilities a sense of independence, confidence, and help to aid their success in a world that is constantly defining and judging them.

Compression Lined Tee

Society often expresses the limits they believe people with disabilities have and, as a result, starting at a young age, these children face belittling and bullying. By creating clothing that helps inconspicuously provide the tools they rely on or functionality that helps them feel secure, while being expressive of their personalities, clothing can be source of confidence and not be a point of alienation from their peers.

Sensory-friendly Jogger

Sensory-friendly Tee

Everything is guaranteed to have no tags and flat seams!

We just soft knit fabrics, elastic waistbands, and magnetic closures to create a sensory friendly and fine motor friendly garments your kids will love. And you will love the end to your morning fights and watching their independence grow!

Sensory-friendly Hoodie