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Sense-ational You

Hidden Function Bundle

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This bundle includes our Stimuli-Reducing Hoodie, our Compression Lined Tee, and our Sensory Friendly Jogger.

The perfect outfit for your sensory kid!

Get $5 off each product for a total of $15 savings by purchasing the bundle!


Hidden Function Bundle

Complete Sensory Support

Our Hidden Function Bundle includes the Sound Reducing Hoodie, the Compression T-shirt, and the Sensory Friendly Joggers. This comprehensive outfit is designed to cater to the unique sensory needs of children who require additional tools and support. We understand that children's sensory profiles can be complex, and this bundle is crafted to address various preferences and needs.

What's Included:

Sound Reducing Sensory Hoodie: Provides noise reduction and visual stimulation control for sensory avoidant children.

Compression Lined T-shirt: Offers sensory input and helps calm the nervous system for sensory seekers.

Sensory Friendly Joggers: Comfortable and tag-free pants that complete the outfit.

Our Hidden Functions Bundle is the perfect solution for children with diverse sensory needs. Whether your child is a sensory seeker, sensory avoider, or somewhere in between, this bundle ensures they have the tools and support they need to stay calm and regulated throughout the day. Say goodbye to sensory challenges and embrace sensory-friendly clothing with our Hidden Functions Bundle.


Understanding Sensory Profiles

Sensory profiles can vary widely among children, with some being sensory seekers and others sensory avoiders. However, many children do not fit neatly into one category and may have a mix of sensory preferences. For instance, a sensory seeker may benefit from the compression shirt, while a sensory avoider may find comfort in the sound-reducing hoodie. In reality, many children have a combination of sensory needs, which is where our Hidden Functions Bundle shines.

Why a Bundle?

By combining the compression shirt, sound-reducing hoodie, and sensory joggers into one bundle, we offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for parents and caregivers. You can access the essential sensory tools your child needs in a single place, simplifying your sensory support routine.

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