About Us

Autistic model with Sense-ational You founder

Our Start

The company was founded by Julia DeNey shortly after she graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design in 2020. While at Cornell, Julia established and ran a volunteer partnership with a local autism preschool for her sorority and, from this passion, focused her fashion studies on the special needs of autistic children.

While developing the product and growing Sense-ational You, Julia worked as a special education para in autism classrooms for three years. During this time, she got to work hands-on with autistic children and the therapists and teachers who would be integrating the clothes into the school days and recommending these products to parents. 

Recognizing the clothing market has long ignored the large group of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder, Sense-ational You aims to bring recognition and acceptance of this group into the fashion industry.

Our Mission

is to help all children feel safe, heard, and included everywhere they go through clothing that helps them regulate.

Our Vision

is for sensory needs to be met and validated by providing tools that give children control of their surroundings.

We use the influence fashion has to spread greater acceptance of neurodiversity. Adaptive fashion allows for conversation with other children about the needs of their peers. Everyone can enjoy a tag-free shirt or magnetic closure jacket, but some kids need to have them!

By integrating sensory elements into our clothing, kids are never without the tools they rely on and are never isolated or picked on for the supports they need.

Who Needed This?

1 in 36

are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Roughly 90% of these children are expected to have sensory processing differences.

1 in 20

are diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder.

This includes those with autism and ADHD.

Children with autism, ADHD, and SPD struggle with sensory overload

which contributes to:

  • Inability to focus and learn in school
  • Aggression towards oneself and others
  • Variety of other upsetting and disruptive behaviors

Neurodivergent girls!

80% of females remain undiagnosed at age 18.

By making sensory fashion universal, we can meet their needs even if undiagnosed.