About Us

Our founder with autistic model in our sound-reducing hoodie and sensory-friendly jogger

Our Start

In 2018, our founder Julia DeNey connected with the educators at an inclusive preschool local to where she attended school at Cornell University. Once she told the school director she was majoring in Fashion Design, the director immediately told her about the struggles parents of autistic children face in finding clothing. That is when her independent study into the area began.

After graduation in 2020, Julia set out to launch Sense-ational You. Recognizing the clothing market has long ignored the large group of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder, Sense-ational You aims to bring recognition and acceptance of this group into the fashion industry.

Sense-ational You is here to work directly with the autism community to truly serve them and let these kids shine!

Our motivation is the incredible children we have had the blessing to know.

Because every child deserves to have either functional, aesthetic, and expressive needs.

  • 1 in 44

    are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • 1 in 20

    are diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Our founder now works in special education in an autism pre-school program as she builds Sense-ational You. She is working directly with the children she designs for and working along side Occupational Therapists and other specialists to create clothing that truly meets their needs.

Meet the rest of the team!

Also on our team working to bring inclusion to fashion is Grace O’Hara, our Chief Marketing Officer. Check out all her amazing work on our Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.