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Sense-ational You

Sensory Friendly Bundle

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This bundle includes our Sensory Friendly Hoodie, our Sensory Friendly Tee, and our Sensory Friendly Jogger.

The perfect outfit for any kid (especially those who hate tags)!

Get $5 off each product for a total of $15 savings by purchasing the bundle!


Sensory Friendly Clothing Bundle

The Perfect Combination

Our Sensory Friendly Clothing Bundle is designed for kids who seek comfort above all else. This carefully curated bundle includes our sensory-friendly t-shirt, hoodie, and joggers, creating a complete outfit that any child can enjoy. These clothes are perfect for kids who may not require extra sensory tools like sound reduction or compression but simply dislike seams and tags. If your child finds seams and tags bothersome, this bundle is the ideal solution.

What's Included

Sensory-Friendly T-shirt: Soft, tag-free, and designed for ultimate comfort. Made with 100% cotton.

Sensory Hoodie: A quiet, sound-reducing hooded sweatshirt that also offers sensory comfort.
Sensory Joggers: Comfortable pants with no tags or seams to worry about.

This bundle provides everything your child needs for a cozy and irritation-free outfit. It's the perfect solution for kids who want to enjoy their clothing without the hassle of tags and seams.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable clothing, and give your child the comfort they deserve with our Sensory Clothing Bundle.


Why a Bundle?

The idea behind bundling these items is to provide a full outfit that is free of tags, with flat seams and soft knits. It's all about creating a comfortable and hassle-free experience for any kid. No more spending hours cutting tags off clothes or accidentally leaving sharp edges behind. With our Sensory Friendly Clothing Bundle, you get a complete outfit that your child will love, free from any tag-related issues.

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