Sensory-Friendly Things to Do While Babysitting
J Julia DeNey

Sensory-Friendly Things to Do While Babysitting

Mar 27, 2024

Babysitting can be a challenge, but with the right approach, it can also be an opportunity to expose kids to new activities and have some fun! This guide offers easy, practical tips and sensory activities that can make babysitting an exciting experience for both you and the child. 

Tips for Making Babysitting Easier on the Child

Start an Activity Before the Parents Leave

If the kids you’re babysitting often struggle with their parents leaving, starting an activity the moment you arrive and help ease the transition. Initiating a fun activity, like building a fort, before the parents depart can help distract the child from their absence and keep the mood fun and light! 

Do New, Fun Activities with the Kids

Engaging the children in activities they don't usually do with their parents can make your time together exciting. It also helps the kids not get caught up in comparing the way you read their favorite story to the way their mom or dad reads it.  This approach ensures that the children look forward to these new experiences rather than missing their usual routines. 

Why Are Sensory Activities Important During Babysitting?

Sensory activities are not just entertaining; they play a crucial role in reducing stress and adapting to new situations, especially in the absence of parents. These activities are particularly beneficial for children who are neurodiverse or can be anxious in new settings or around new people, helping them engage with their environment in a fun, stress-free way.

Sensory-Friendly Things to Do While Babysitting

Here are a few of our favorite sensory activities to do while babysitting: 

Make Slime

There’s nothing like creating a big pile of slime to smoosh your hands into. The tactile experience of making and playing with slime can be both calming and engaging for kids. Just keep it out of the carpet! 

Build a Fort

Forts are a timeless pastime for kids, but they are often forgotten about among a child’s electronics and screen. Using blankets and pillows to build a fort can provide a sense of security and spark imaginative play. They also create a fun, secure place to hide out when there is too much stimuli. 

Make Chalk Paint

Chalk paint can be a great way to get your hands dirty and then get outside! Creating chalk paint and using it outdoors offers a fun way for children to express their creativity while enjoying tactile and visual stimulation.

Create a Science Experiment

Simple, safe science experiments can fascinate children, providing sensory experiences that are both educational and entertaining. Mixing baking soda and vinegar together to create an “explosion” is a surefire why to excite the kids! 

Build a Plush

Creating a fun, new friend together is a great way to create a sensory and imaginative experience that won’t be forgotten soon. We love to bring along a “DIY Plush Pals Kit” from Pitch a Fete when babysitting to create a new friend for the child. These kits offer a variety of sensory experiences with the added bonus of imaginative play. Kids have the opportunity to name their new toy and even design a shirt for them to wear. 

By incorporating these straightforward tips and activities into your babysitting routine, you can ensure that the children not only have a wonderful time but also benefit from the sensory-rich experiences tailored to their needs.

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