Sound reducing sensory hoodies on adult and autistic child.
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Sensory Gifts: Holiday Gift Guide for the Autistic Kids in Your Life

Nov 15, 2023

The best gifts for the autistic kids and ADHD kids on your list

It can be challenging to know what to buy as a gift for autistic kids and we are here to help. From sensory items they will love all year to fun toys they can play with all day, we have rounded up the best items to add to your cart. 

It is always great to also ask their parents about their special interests and get something related to that! These are general suggestions, but anything related to the shows or subjects they love will also make for fantastic gifts they’ll be excited about. 

I worked as a special education teacher for years in autism classrooms, so many of these suggestions are toys and sensory items I found to be the most loved by my students or the most useful tools throughout the school days. 

Not sure what gift to get the autistic child in your life? Check out this sensory gift guide:

Best Sensory Gifts for Kids


Alphabet and Numbers Puzzle

Educational puzzle autism present

Great for the alphabet and number-loving autistic child! They are super fun to take out and line up before putting back in. These puzzles are also great for practicing identifying numbers and saying letter names and sounds.  

Magnet Building Tiles

There is so much you can do with these tiles throughout a lot of ages and stages of play! The magnets are satisfying to stim off of connecting them together and taking them apart. They are great for working on colors and looking at the room through the blocks. They are great practice for fine motor skills needed to build. And they are fun to integrate into imaginative play, designing castles, garages, and restaurants to integrate into the play scheme. 

Marble Maze

Marble maze

Marbles mazes are always a huge hit because of how fun it is to watch the marbles race down the course. Even if kids aren’t ready to build their own course, they will enjoy playing with the final product! This is another great toy that will grow with them. 

Ball Tower

Ball towers are beloved cause-and-effect toys. They are fantastic toys to play with together and work on counting, colors, joint attention, turn-taking, and more! 

Sensory Tools

Balance Board

What I love about these simple rocker boards is how versatile they are. They are great for sensory activities and for playing on with toys. 

Sensory Swing

Sensory swing/ compression swing

A compression swing will be a great regulation tool, if your house has the space for one. There is a lot kids can use swings for to regulate their bodies. They can push themselves around or you can help spin and swing them! 

Sit and Spin

If your child loves the vestibular input of spinning, they will love this sit-and-spin. It is an excellent way for your child to give themselves the sensory input their bodies are craving. 

Playskool also makes musical versions for music-loving children!

Weighted Pillow

ADHD tool weighted pillow

This weighted pillow works like a weighted blanket but is more convenient! It helps provide calming input and will help increase focus and reduce anxiety. It is designed by an ADHD founder, ensuring it is perfect for your ADHD child. 


Sound Reducing Hoodie

Sound sensitivity sensory break hoodie

The holidays can get overstimulating quickly. A great way to make them easier is with tools that help reduce the noise and offer a sensory break when needed. This sensory hoodie offers an eye mask and sound reduction in the hood to help with noise sensitivity no matter where they are. 

Anyways Clothing

Sensory-friendly clothing that can be put on inside out and backward. Help increase independence and decrease frustration. 

Adjustable Compression Shirt

adjustable compression shirt

For the sensory seeker in your life! Compression is a great way to help give their body the regulating, calming input they need. Compression helps decrease anxiety, increase focus, and help them remain calm. 

Sensory Friendly Joggers

Pants can be tricky for sensory-sensitive kids. These have soft, elastic waistbands for increased comfort and independence, four large pockets for fidgets and comfort items, are tag-free and made with flat seams, and even have a built-in fidget!

Stocking Stuffers

Smunchie (sensory scrunchies)

Sensory scrunchie, fidget hair accessory

The fidget and hair accessory in one! They are hair scrunchies that are squishable (like a stress ball!), fashionable, and convenient. 

Slug Fidget

Sensory fidget slug toy

This was a favorite in my special education classroom. They make such satisfying noises and feel incredible. They are an excellent toy for all ages!

Fidget Pop Tubes

These tubes are often called rapper snappers and make fun, easy fidgets/ stim toys. They are also great to play with together! You can build up the suspense of when you are going to pull it apart and create a fun joint attention game. 

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