Sensory Clothing... What is it?
J Julia DeNey

Sensory Clothing... What is it?

Mar 31, 2023

When you hear "sensory clothing" what is it? And how is it different than "sensory-friendly clothing?"

As anyway who has, or knows someone with, sensory processing differences knows everyone is different. It affects each person differently whether they are sensory seeking or sensory avoidant changes based on the sense and the situation. That means that there is no one product every person will LOVE. It's so important that companies and brands work on expanding to offer options so that as many people can have their needs met as possible.

We have a fairly limited selection of our sensory-friendly and sensory clothing items, but one day, we hope to grow and offer a wide variety of products, tools, and fabric options. We want this to be a safe space for all sensory needs so kids can move through their lives more comfortably and regulated. 

With that said let's get into it! What do I mean by sensory clothing?

Sensory clothing refers to anything specifically designed to be sensory needs. This includes sensory-friendly pieces that are tag free and made with flat seams but does not only include these pieces. A lot of our sensory clothing is also designed with hidden sensory tools from compression linings to sound-reducing hoods to magnetic closures that double as fidgets.

Sensory clothing includes SO much more than just sensory-friendly pieces; of course, every piece IS sensory-friendly. 

It is not a "one size fit all" product, but we are excited to be offering something new to the sensory fashion world to help give options and met more needs!

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