Clothing to help your sensory child feel safe, heard, and regulated!

Sensory Friendly Clothing

Sense-ational You is meeting kids needs through sensory-friendly autism clothing, so you can go to school, the playground, and the grocery store successfully!

Adult helping autistic child with magnetic closure sensory friendly jacket.

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Sound Reducing Sensory Hoodie

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For a sensory break wherever they are!

This tool will help with sensory overload and make your grocery store visits and family gatherings more accessible!

Sensory Needs Have to be Met Before...

  • learning
  • communication
  • transitions
  • successful outings
  • connection

can occur!

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Everyone has unique sensory needs, but we work to make our designs universally sensory-friendly by hitting a few essential basics: NO tags, flat seams and finishes, soft knit fabrics, and comfortable closures.

A lot of neurodivergent people experience the sensory world around us differently. This can affect all eight senses (interoception, proprioception, vision, smell, hearing, tactile, taste, and vestibular). They could be overly sensitive (hypersensitive) or under sensitive (hyposensitive) within these systems.

Yes! We know a lot of kids are heading into adult sizes sooner and that autistic adults need these clothes too. We currently have our sound reducing sensory hoodie in adult sizes and hope to be able to expand more in the future.